In the year 2023, Anh Tin Company will become a leading distributor of agricultural machinery and equipment in Vietnam with an efficient and professional workforce.

1. The Icon of Core Values:

The Core Values is best described as a 5-blade propeller, expressing the spread, movement and unstoppable innovation towards a professional and dynamic working environment.

2. Meaning of colors:
- Profession: BROWN - the color of the soil and foundation - expressing the stable development base
- Respect: PINK - expressing the optimism and happiness of being respected
- Responsibility: RED - expressing the passion of working and willingness to achieve positive outcomes
- Integrity: DARK BLUE - expressing the safety, belief and hope that are integral to a trusted business
- Progressive Spirit: GREEN - expressing the growth of an unstoppable team and workplace.
- Corporation: YELLOW - express the enthusiasm and eagerness when working as a team to help each other and the company grow

      1. Comply with all regulations, working standards and procedures
      2. Comply with the assignments given
      3. Always complete all assignments
      4. Be positive and agile
      5. Be polite when communicating with the others; treat others with professionalism at all times
      6. Keep the work place safe, neat and clean
      7. Respect the personal honor, professional ethics and the Core Values of our Company

      1. Being polite, friendly and enthusiastic when communicating with the others
      2. Being enthusiastic and willing to receive all the comments from the others
      3. Not being rude or hurting the others
      4. Not backbiting, making faction or isolating the others
      5. Fair competing with the progressive spirits

      1. Proactively and dynamically work according to the task, not according to work hours
      2. Avoid waste - be economical and protect the assets or other resources of the Company
      3. Do not blame others for faults that occur
      4. Be careful of the difficulties and risks which may occur during working.
      5. Be always conscious of enhancing the quality and efficiency of tasks
      6. Always work toward keeping the partners satisfied with our Company

      1. Do right and reasonably with the voluntary spirit
      2. Do as good as say
      3. Keep promises
      4. Be brave enough to say NO to wrong behavior
      5. Treat all people equally 

      1. Be passionate in our work, and try to be proactive
      2. Always work to overcome all obstacles
      3. Never stop learning to increase an individual’s skills
      4. Be ready for new opportunities

      1. Be always ready to share and support the colleagues in working
      2. Be eager to listen to the comments or criticisms to learn new ways to improve and enhance workplace efficiency
      3. Work, build and think together with the spirit of a team
      4. Work for the overall common aims of the Company